Current Funded Research
Translating an intelligent lubricant condition monitoring system into a commercially viable prototype
(NSF IIP Award 1940879)
Development of a Single-Biomolecule Detection Instrument via Digital Counting of Nanoparticles
(NSF DBI  Award 1911526)
A high throughput platform for rapid single cell surface mapping
(NSF ECCS Award 1905786)
Development of an Instrument for Single Cell Electrical Stimulation and Analysis
(NSF ECCS Award 1625544)

Past Research
IDBR: TYPE A: An Integrated Microfluidic Platform for Parallel Analysis of Cell Secretome and Cell Responses in Real Time
(NSF DBI Award 1353720)
Rapid, Selective, Onsite Detection of Bacterial Pathogens Using A Bioinspired Microfluidic Sensor
(NSF ECCS Award 1200032)
IDR: A Novel Multiplexed Multichannel Biosensor Chip for High-Throughput Detection of Macromolecular Biomarkers
(NSF CMMI Award 1129727)
A High Throughput Microfluidic Sensor for Real Time Health Monitoring of Rotating Machinery
(NSF CMMI Award 0968736)
Multiplexed Microfluidic BioMEMS Systems Based on Coulter Counting Principle
Nanofabrication of Field-Effect Fluidic Channels for High Speed Microfluidic Biosensors
Micro/Nano Scale Bioparticle Sorting and Manipulation
Microfluidic Sensors for Oil Debris and Property Monitoring